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Sunday, July 30, 2006

And as for what's going on in Tel Aviv and how some Israelis are feeling about this war - here are some pictures from the anti-war demonstration that was held tonight. It was organised by several women's groups. It kicked off in Rabin Square and moved along the boulevards ending at the very center, near the Dizengoff shopping center - which is right near my house.

Sorry for the poor quality, it was dark and my camera was on ISO 1600 and in constant motion...
more pictures after the break and video with sound coming soon...

(translation of sign: "feminists refuse to be the strong home front")


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for offering a different vision of what is happening. I am so sorry for your children, for their families, for all the victims of the political nonsense.
From Spain, a big part of us just feel so angry and upset...
No idea of what can be done from here,other than sending you a big hug plenty of LOVE.
Life is precious; no reason should be stronger than this.
Mucho ánimo y amor desde España.

31/7/06 6:51 PM  

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