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Sunday, July 30, 2006

more pictures from the demonstration:

The Israeli character shows its ugly side: this woman, from the North herself (or was it only her friend that was with her?), was trying to argue with the demonstrators. She stood up to them alone, raising her voice to be heard above the shoutings, in favor of the war. The demonstrating women circled her and continued shouting, in her face.

Eventually she backed away, dejected. These two guys, seeing her distress, prompted a conversation with her. They were all making some good points and speaking intelligently (unforutnately it was the woman's friend who went a little mad, shouting at the policemen to arrest the demonstrators and claiming they should not be allowed to speak that way. Er, democracy?)

I will say this much of the demonstration. The messages, most of them, were in the right place. But unfortunately, they were delivered in the wrong way. This is my problem with the extreme left in Israel - their views are very pro-others, but their way of doing things is very much Israeli. Shouting, violence, aggressive attitude - they preach for peace, but they act it out militantly. In Israel this will get you nowhere. Israelis are proud people with quick tempers, and ego is the key word here. If you shout, defenses will go up immediately, and instead of listening people will fight back. More than that - one needs to understand the context in which one speaks. The waving of PLO flags and calls for Olmert to resign are not in place at a time of war, when the streets you use as your platform are filled with victims and refugees. Speaking only in favor of the other side, as Gush Shalom often do, only induces the feeling in most people that these guys are for the enemy and against Israel, and all this does is drive people away. They preach dialog and sensitivity, but they do not exercise this to their own brothers - the public they are appealing to.

This is not the way to make people listen. The only people who would agree with demonstrators such as these are people who thought that way allready - and isn't the point to sway public opinion? to influence?

It is a shame that they choose these ways, because their messages are important and just but they are getting missed. A little more thought, and they could get people to listen, and agree.


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