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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So it would appear I'm on my way to finding out what an Iranian missile looks like up close and personal.

But before that happens, here's something from one of the Israeli papers, which runs a short daily column by Naftali From that analyses private names according to the Kabbalah. Translated from today's edition of Israeli:


May exhibit toughness or some violence. Has plenty of gentleness, but on the other hand, also alot of aggression. Should he know how to raise his confidence and belief in oneself and be decisive, will succeed better at balancing the two qualities, and will not have to resort to aggression to prove to himself he can get what he wants. Will learn that with gentleness, and possibly with the diplomacy within oneself, can achieve more.
A good father, strict, but also a great giver. Must be softer in his home. Many possibilities will open up if he learns to accept a view different to his own.

(I can hear someone asking already: what about analysing the name Israel..? will try to check ASAP)


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