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Monday, July 31, 2006

they've really gone and done it now

I can't help but think. Why? why did they have to go and be so goddamn stupid? what on earth were they thinking?

About 6 months ago I cast my vote for Olmert and the Kadima party. I believed in them, well, at least more than in any other party. After last summer's succesful disengagement plan, led by PM Sharon and the newly born Kadima party, I thought - finally, someone is actually doing something different. Finally some sane people who bring promise of change, and may actually be able to deliver (this is not a given, not in Israeli politics). Finally someone who breaks from the old pride and ego-led policies, who sees beyond that. Who understands that in order to succeed we need to do things differently, and is willing to act on it.

Now they have disappointed me. I cannot see how any sane Israeli politician with any bit of common sense would allow another attack on a packed refugee camp, especially Qana - put aside the human aspects for a sec, its just plain politically dumb. The name Qana could never be disconnected from the colossal mistake that was Grapes of Wrath, and the phrase refugee camp - from Sabra and Shatila. The damage to Israel through public and Lebanese opinion will be far greater than any precision targeted military success. There's just no exit from that situation.

This is what makes me think, they really have no idea what their doing. It's our lives they are responsible for, and they are clueless. I guess they really don't think long term. All they see, like a raging bull, is Hizballah. I really cannot see what target could possibly outweigh the senseless damage to the Lebanese, the awful image we have created of ourselves, and the revenge that will be unleashed upon us, now much more legitimate in the eyes of the world. Don't care about the Lebanese? fine. But you are OUR leaders. Don't you care about what will happen to us? how could this possibly be considered as defending us?

And today I again heard the phrase Security Belt, after not hearing it for 6 years. It sent shivers down my back. All that word brings up are nightmares, the nightmares that were south Lebanon for Israeli soldiers and their families - which is almost all the Israelis, really. What could possibly be going through their minds? being in Lebanon was a failure, period. It cannot be an option.

You know, until now, I let myself hope and believe that maybe this was all for a good reason. One that was a secret, that could not be published, but in the end, this was all part of a plan that would eventually be for the greater good of everyone.
Now I just think they're some sort of idiots like the others.


Blogger Ramón Linaza said...

I'm horrified by Qanna kilings, this is very bad for everybody including Israel.
citizens and democrats arond the world have to presure for an inmidate cease fire
Israel can only have security if Lebanon and the Palestinians have security and future themselves.
Hezbola and Hamas have grown out of the wrong policies os Israel and USA. You cannot stop a fire puting more oil into it.
Civil societies in Israel and elswhere have to react to this bloodshed
mu solidarity and peaceful whish from Madrid

31/7/06 10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how terrible Lilu,

I also feel the same about Kadima!! This is terrible and this crazy madness needs to stop now.

Im just scared of what 'agreement' will get signed now between the stupid Olmert and his gang and the international world.

scary thought as they obviously fukked up any sort of 'gains' over this.

Must stick to voting Meretz in the hoping they will get stronger again and sort themselves out.......

Kadima has too many right wing mad warmakers.

31/7/06 11:53 AM  
Blogger hedreg said...

I’ve just read a story that mentions this blog and includes part of an interview given by Liora Yuklea to O Globo, an important Brazilian newspaper. I am a teacher of English and I work for the public sector at a school run by the municipal government of Rio de Janeiro. I teach classes of 12-15-year-old students who are taking their 7th or 8th year of studies. Tomorrow I will have my first class after a two-week mid-year holiday and I will be referring to some of your posts.

As it might be known, Brazil has a higher number of Lebanese descendents than Lebano itself and most Brazilians think the war is absolutely appalling! I myself feel that neither side (either Israel or Hezbollah) is justified through violence at this point.

1/8/06 11:01 PM  

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