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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Victim of the day

Da'a Abbas, 15, of the Galilee village of Maghar, Israel.
Da'a was sitting in her room reading a book when a Katyusha rocket directly struck her home in a Muslim neighborhood of the village. The rocket penetrated the roof and went through the living room into Da'a's room where it exploded. Her mother and brother were lightly injured. Her uncle, Dr. Mustafa Abbas, was attending an anti-war protest in Jerusalem at the time.
Da'a was an honor student. She dreamed of studying to become a doctor or pharmacist in Israel or overseas. "She was always the best student in the class and everyone loved her", told her classmates as they lay flowers on her grave.


Anonymous Clara, Jessica, Victória, Isabel said...

joint voices,
We are 15 year-old students from Brazil, who are overwhelmed with this post. Sends a worrying message, that shocked us all.
This beautiful girl was "killed" in the, what was suposed to be safety, of her home. It was a terrible death for such a fragile life, she had nothing to do with what was going on outside her house. What shocks us the most is the fact that people across the globe that also have nothing to do with this war, and also have no idea what so ever of what is really going on. And the worst is that the military of other countries aren't doing much, and we, mere teenagers, are doing the only thing that we can in the moment, we're praying. Praying for you all.

Thanks for leting us share.

P.S: If you want to contact us, send us an email:

2/8/06 10:46 PM  

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