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Friday, August 04, 2006

And I just know that previous post will come back to haunt me.


Anonymous Carlos from Brazil said...

Keep doing what you are doing and pray, or just believe in better days. You and your people will pass through this. I heard on the news today that 1/4 of the population are homeless, and is lacking food and medicines. Someday this will get over, must get, or some country like U.S.A will get into this war, and then things will become uglier.
I don't understand the real cause of that war. Can you please, please, explain to me? Besides the soldiers kidnaped.
Both sides say they'll stop the bombs if the other side stops, but they just doesn't. That's so ridiculous. How this can stop?

4/8/06 6:05 AM  
Anonymous Luciano torres said...

it would like to show to my solidarity voces and to say that I am twisting so that everything finishes good desire well luck and that God protects to all

4/8/06 7:10 PM  

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