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Friday, August 11, 2006

Drafting Art

Well, I'm back home in Tel Aviv. I started writing this yesterday at dawn, watching the sun come up, it was beautiful. There was news of a possible breakthrough with the diplomatic talks, and there was suddenly a different feeling - maybe a little bit of hope. And tonight, coming home from dinner, 3 a.m. and a cease fire has been agreed upon. Things are still very sensitive towards the actual end of the fighting, but we're beginning to see some real room for real hope. Please, let this be the end.

So I will shift the focus to something optimistic now. This morning I turn to the arts - which is really a very personal choice. First of all, check out the following site, it is an online petition against the war and an art gallery.

Second of all, I want to share some interesting stuff from my own back yard so to speak. I study Visual Communications at the HIT (Holon Institute of Technology) School of Design. It closed it's annual graduate exhibition yesterday. There was some great stuff there, I love my school and I was very proud to see how it keeps improving and producing extraordinary talents. Most of all I was happy to see how many of the works dealt with social and political issues - there was definitely a general theme of true awareness and outreach to what is happening around us, in many aspects. It was a nice change from some of the other schools' exhibitions, where the focus was mainly on very personal issues, felt kinda disconnected from reality. Here are a few choice works that are relevant to the current situation:

Tsachi Maylatt: Objects inspired by IDF culture (Industrial Design)
The project examined the influence of IDF culture on civilian culture. The project looked at different perspectives - once through the eyes of a soldier, once through the eyes of the designer who designs from his personal experiences and uses the military as a conceptual and figurative inspiration, from a critical angle as well as a humorous one. Here are some examples:

Sharon Kariv: Humor Inspired Objects (Industrial Design)
Sharon tried seeing how much she could inject humor into everyday objects. She came up with an amazing amount of amazing products. One of them was this bag, that is 'intended to save time at the security checks at the entrances to public places' (in Israel, everywhere you go, they have security guards at the door that check you and inside your belongings for weapons):

Hila Sher: The Aesthetics of Terror (Visual Communications)
A chilling project. "Terror has become a routine act in our lives. The horror images have become a familiar sight. Since terror has become so routine, it becomes a material. I took images typical of terror and designed embroidered patterns on lingerie."

Neta Socher: Campaign for the bilingual school "Hand in hand school - bridge over the wadi" (Visual Communications)

Lilach Shatil: New Middle East (Visual Communications)
Creation of a hebrew font inspired by Arabic traditional font.

Lilach also did a project of a three language sign system for Tel Aviv University.

Adi Zilbershten: Asahar - Borderless Train (Visual Communications)
"A utopian project with a grip in reality. Asahar (Crescent) is an Israeli train that exists in the future, when a new period begins in the Middle East. The countries of the region are in a state of peace and the borders between them are open. The Sahar performs international rides to the Fertile Crescent countries and serves as an important tool in meeting people and cultures. The railway lines are: Haifa - Tripoli, Haifa - Damascus, Haifa - Medina, Haifa - Cairo. The same lines that existed in the past come to life again with Asahar."
Special attention should be given to this one, guys.. it is startling to think they work on these projects for the entire year before - as with all the others, this product concept and identity project was completed before the war ever began. Notice all the lines leave from Haifa... the irony is beyond words.

Efrat Toov: OneOf (Visual Communications)
"OneOf is a line of OneOf a kind, hand-made products, whose purpose is to bring into public awareness the violations of children's basic rights around the world. In order to show real children behind the statistics, each doll is unique, with his or her own name and story. OneOf helps by spreading knowledge and information, and by donating to help children in need through human rights organizations."


Quick note to end: Following up on the forest destruction post I put on Bash's blog, Matt from the Jewish National Fund has asked I link to an article by the NY Times, to help JNF's fundraising efforts to provide emergency equipment. Here is the link:
JNF's blog about the campaign is:




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