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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

it ain't over till the fat guy with the turban and glasses sings,7340,L-3291783,00.html

Hizbullah: UN decision doesn't obligate us

Deputy Hizbullah leader Sheikh Naim Qassam told Hizbullah TV station al-Manar that "the UN decision does not obligate us and it does not have weight with us."
"What Israel didn't succeed in taking during war, it will not succeed with diplomacy and politics," added Qassam. (Ali Waked)


Blogger Bash said...

If Hezbollah is so insistant on fighting and has the full support of Iran and Syria, why don't they go fight from the Golan? That's occupied Arab land isn't it? Let the syrians have a taste of their own medecine, we've (the lebanese) had enough long long ago of war death and destruction. We want to live in peace and get on with our lives.

16/8/06 10:07 AM  
Blogger Lilu said...

syrians may be going down that road actually. That war monger Bashar has been feeling a bit too confident lately issuing all sorts of statements:,7340,L-3291525,00.html

I say, he's cute, trying to sneer threats AFTER we've gone into cease fire and without him actively participating in the war himself...

16/8/06 1:09 PM  

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