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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A moment of thanks

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all the readers. . word is getting out (even made a few papers) and support is growing, and its good to hear. So to all the readers around the world - la gente d'Espana, los Brazileros especially Edwiges and classes
702, 703,704, 705, 801, 802, 803 of the Escola Municipal Menezes Cortes in Rio, the folks in Lebanon and of course here in Israel, everyone -

Thank you for listening!

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Anonymous Carlos Rafael Luiza said...

Wasn’t that expected? Wasn’t that predictable? While the two sides still having the same interest, and don’t get any deal or conclusion about it, they won’t get anything, but discussions, and war.
War because kidnapped soldiers? Without any warnings or tries of negotiation? The both sides were always in war. Words war, war by distance, and more. We think that was just an excuse to liberate the hate, an excuse to start a war that was ever planned.
When interests appear, about anything that makes power, like money or territory, men gets crazy. Every war the world has seen happened basically because men are greedy, and want what they doesn’t have or can’t have. Bush in Iraque, Napoleon, etc.
It’ll be always like that, at least until men or politics change.
Men can’t be changed suddenly. So, the only solution is change politics, or try to. How? Making the voice of the people become more powerful than the voice of the government. When most of the population doesn’t apply with the government decisions, they must shout as loud as they can, and instead of be afraid, be fearless, because staying home is the worst solution.
Missiles will kill anywhere, and they’ll just stop when the war is over, and to the war be over, both sides must get a deal. If the both government don’t get a deal, both government must change, or people will die, over and over and over. To he government change, people must act, and to people act, we must have people like you, to open their eyes, to show the reality, and to shout together.
Every country is listening, everyone is listening. Now, is just shout together, just show a path, and everyone against war, everyone mentally healthy, will support.
Keep doing your good job.

Wish the best,
Carlos, Rafael and Luiza – Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

2/8/06 10:47 PM  
Anonymous Carlos Rafael Luiza said...

If you have anything to say to us, or need any help in Brazil, send an e-mail to:

2/8/06 10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 15 year-old student and I have read your article. I found the fact that you can write to us in such conditions interesting. I have seen some news about what is happening over there and in my opinion the thing that hellbozaah is doing is absurd, but Israel isn't right by starting a war because of that, there are always pacific solutions and all this situation isn't needed. Diplomatic solutions can always be used.

2/8/06 10:49 PM  
Anonymous Brazilian Students: João, Sofia, Lucas and Rodrigo. said...

Hi there,

We´re very interested in what's happening right there. We can't even imagine what you're going through even having too much violence around here, in Rio. Sometimes we can't stay in the street when it's late. We are always afraid.
So, we wonder: if we are afraid, we can't imagine how you must be.
We found amazing the way you are facing things: getting together to write about what's going on around there. We are sure it's been difficult for the two of you; and everybody else.
War is never the best way to solve problems. It brings too much pain.
We hope this situation gets better soon.

- Good vibes ~~~ lol xD


2/8/06 10:50 PM  
Anonymous Brazilian Students said...

we are from a school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and we entered your blog in our english class.We found it a really nice that, even thought war is going onthat doesn't mean every one from enemy countries has to hate each others. If everybody thought thatway, war wouldn't be going on and our world would be a nicer place to live.
Here in Brazil we a have a no-declared civil war, and it's bad. we though, were really shocked by reading the text and seeing pictures in your blog. It's really unfair for a 15 year old girl to die because of the interest of pig headed politicians.
The war has become of the interest of the entire world, not justof the contries involved. The sadness and desperate feelings the war brings are so big the whole world is worried and shocked.

2/8/06 10:50 PM  

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