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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tel Aviv protest tent MOVED

Well, was looking forward to going to the Tel Aviv Museum for the protest tent, but thank god I caught up before I left and saw it has moved to Jerusalem (and how on earth will I get there now).

The protest blog has updated some plans they have seen for protest plans in Tel Aviv, though it is yet unclear how organised each protest is (the sources are sketchy):

-Sunday, 27/8/06 - a protest march will leave at 10 a.m. from Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, heading to the Knesset in Jerusalem. It will summit with a protest tent being set up in front of the PM's office. If you're interested in helping out with organisation, e-mail:

-Monday, 28/8/06 - a protest march leaves from State Square (Kikar Hamedina) to Rabin Square, in Tel Aviv. The time is yet unknown.

-Thursday, (24/8/06 ?) - "Personal Responsibility" forum at 19:00 in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, for the resignation of Olmert, Peretz and Halutz.

-Monday, 11/9/06 - A Call for mass demonstration in Rabin Square.


Blogger btree said...

Hey Lilu, have you seen these?

A 'Sunday drive' through Maroun al Ras

Beirut i love you

Beirut mix - carnage

The urban warzone vids come with clubby soundtracks..


25/8/06 4:44 AM  

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