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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Video Library

Are you bored tonight? well, entertain yourself with various video footage, from various sources, on various topics..

First, As promised, here is what I managed to get on video during the July 29th anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv. Sorry for the quality, again, I was filming while walking... I have 2 more clips that I will post as soon as they finish uploading.

1. The demonstrators are shouting: "Yes yes for peace, no no to war" and "the occupation is a disaster, peace is the solution"

2. "Stop the war"

3. More "stop the war"


Action section:

1. On the scene of the missile attack on the neighbourhood of Bat Galim in Haifa, shot by Israel Glaser and Omer Zengut.

2. Inside the bomb shelter - in Spanish.

Finally - a different sort of video, courtesy of the IDF spokesperson. It is also some food for thought.


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