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Monday, August 07, 2006

Wanted: Peace March

As Lilu previously suggested, it's time that we at least start with a joint Lebanese - Israeli peace march. We could have it advertised on the radio, make flyers, and do an SMS campaign.

It would surely be a historic day for peace..

Any other ideas???


Here are my thoughts (was gonna post it as a comment but hey, why not just add to the post?):

Well we would have to start out by agreeing on a day and time, and start asking and spreading the word - not just in Lebanon and Israel, everywhere. Maybe appeal to peace organisations, present the idea - it is most likely to happen as a peaceful protest that will be taking place simply at the same time in several different places, using the same slogans.But maybe the most important thing we need is to make sure the protest is the same - against the deaths of all civilians, Israeli and Lebanese, and this is what is written on the signs.. is it this even possible in Lebanon? would this be legal? would people not be arrested if they spoke out in favor of Israelis?

Maybe there could just be like a silent march, without signs, maybe just pictures - everyone, one each side, holding pictures of both Israeli and Lebanese victims, don't even need names, just photos and candles. No one yelling, no one shouting, no one speaking even, just walking or standing, wearing white maybe - just showing solidarity. Reminding the world and our leaders that there is more to this than violence and aggression, more than Hizballah and IDF, that the most important thing here are the innocent ordinary people who just want to live their lives in peace and are taking the fire, the silent majority. If we show solidarity in this, regardless of nationality, this would have a strong impact.

I'd say the upcoming days would be a good timing, towards the ceasefire.




Blogger Lilu said...

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8/8/06 2:58 AM  
Blogger Bash said...

Due to the constantly changing situation on the ground in Lebanon, i think deciding on a date and time would need to be one of the later things to decide on..

Concerning pro-israeil content on signs and such things, perhaps we could just say "...on both sides" for now.. this is still a very sensitive issue, not sure if we can include it at all..

Let's agree on our common positions (similar to "no targetting of civillians, respect of all UN resolutions, etc.."), agreeing on common slogans, and agreeing on common logos and pics and the like

Fianlly, we need to seek ways to gather all the people to the designated areas, including notifying the media.

9/8/06 9:45 AM  
Blogger Lilu said...

What do you think of the silent protest idea, with candles and photos or names? It would make things simpler for everyone too, and maybe most of all it would get the point across. Shouting and carrying slogan signs is what everyone does, to mirror what is going on high up the ladder - and it's not working. Maybe the message should focus on 'there must be an alternative to violence and it is how we get cooperation and peace'. We just need to start setting examples. It could be more of a rally than a demonstration, and we don't even have to use the same photos or names - if we just get everyone to look the same, though they each present their own victims, and the same rally is being held simoultaneosly in several cities across the world including Beirut and Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, this would be enough to show this is a joint protest. And it would be easier to get people to participate if they were reassured that the focus would be on their suffering, not just one side's suffering - everyone's suffering, together. And nothing hits home more than stories of actual victims, making people know them. We should be saying 'focus on the victims', here they are - a rally that just talks about the victims, not who should be doing what, images of military and politicians... put the focus on the victims. That's what's being lost here, everyone's discussing politics and no one's remembering that the major problem is death of innocent civilians, past present and future.

My only problem is that the whole thing may be a bit kitschy..

As for getting the word out - well I thought of just appealing to peace organisations about it. Namely, Gush Shalom who protest every Saturday, maybe offer to change the tone they usually use, try a different angle - instead of being militant, which obviously isn't working with the Israeli crowd and is just antagonizing people, try being gentle and considerate.. maybe they would go for it. And they already know how to organise this stuff - we could just propose the idea to various peace organisations around the world, I don't know who you have over there in Lebanon..

9/8/06 5:18 PM  
Blogger Bash said...

Ok, it turns out that this demonstration might be more difficult than we thought.

First, since our common message would betray some sort of coordination between us, it would effectively be deemed illegal under Lebanese law.

Further few might join in disagreeing to the protest priciples...

And what's more, those that do join are likely to shout in a hostile manner in front of the cameras slogans against Israel.

So i'm out guys.
...for now.

11/8/06 1:23 PM  

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